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Laryze Technical Company Limited is a preferred global marketer of full range Duct Insulation Material, Galvanized Metals, Flexible Ducts, Air Grills etc, project and operational support services and sole distributor for KIMMCO, ISIDEM & ELECTROTEKNIK with more than ten years experience on a wide variety of projects.

We are dedicated towards professional excellence as well as realistic execution of quality standard projects which is managed by a team of seasoned personals.

Also, we give clients access to world-class resources, providing flexibility and skills to execute on-demand mechanical jobs, pipe works, duct works and insulation for your projects.

We work with reputable companies across the globe to provide quality and durable material for our clients. It is these practical experience that has been galvanized into the firm's organizational and operational workforce.

Our corporate objectives is to make our clients commercially relevant and viable, thereby providing a quality grills & diffusers to give your duct a perfect finishing.

Our fibre glass insulations comes from KIMMCO a leading insulation solution provider in the Middle East and Asia.

We work in partnership with our clients, ensuring that, through our commitment to continuos improvement and the highest level of customer care, we add maximum value on every challenge or assignment and exceed our client’s expectations.